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Simple Trick When Stressed Out

When I am stressed my mind starts going a mile a minute looking for multiple solutions to multiple problems. Like attracts like. So when my mind gets like that and I feel overwhelmed!

What I do is simply ask myself 1 question. “What is right in my life right now?”

That one question changes my whole energy and thinking and makes me better equipped to handle any stress. When I first ask the question it takes a minute for my brain to refocus from what’s wrong and stressful to what’s right and perfect but if you stick with it and focus on that one question you will within minutes feel better and in the end that’s really what matters. Our quality of life is determined ENTIRELY by how we feel.

And just how like thoughts attracted like thoughts earlier in regards to stress the same thing will happen in the opposite feeling good direction. So take a second now to try to feel better. It starts by changing the question. Change your questions change your life!


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My goal with all that I do is to help individuals around the world take their power back, reach the happiness level they deserve and create the life they truly desire.

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