Everyone at one point or another in their lives thinks “change is HARD”.  Well, guess what it’s NOT.

Today I am going to share with you the way to quick, easy, and lasting change.  It really doesn’t matter what you want to change about yourself.  It works for everything.

First, you have to do is remember this one sentence: “You must want something else more!” You will never change until you want something else more.  So now you know the sentence. Repeat it to yourself often.

Step 2: Build a vision. Say you have pinpointed something you want to change about yourself.  Let’s say you are overweight.  So now knowing that sentence get a sheet of paper and make two columns at the top and a bottom column in the right-hand corner.  Like the picture below. Physically writing out what would like to change in a column-like form will help you immensely Build your VISION


In this case, the change will be being a healthy weight.  Now sit there and think about all the things that will change once you’re skinny and healthy.  Like all the energy you will have or how much fun shopping will be when everything fits. And don’t forget to list your fears too.  For Example:  “so and so won’t like me.”  Then look at the benefits and you will probably find that all those things sound so great you’re willing to face your fears.

Now here is the important part – You must picture it!  Imagine yourself as this new skinny person while you are making your list. 

So now say you are in a gas station and you see this candy bar.  O’ it looks good but then you say to yourself “I want to be hott and sexy way more than I want you candy bar”. In my case I don’t get the candy bar because I know that it will make me crave sugar later. But sometimes I do and I notice as I am taking my last bite how fleeting it was.   The pleasure from eating a candy bar is so fleeting but the pain of the cravings that last the next 3 days aren’t.  So I want something else more – NO CRAVINGS.

Step 3:  Practice makes perfect.   Don’t beat yourself up.  When I gain 10lbs and decide to lose it.  I decide to go on a 1,200 Calorie diet because I know I will 100% lose weight (w/o exercise) and still be able to enjoy anything I want.  Here is the thing though it always takes me a week of trying to eat under 1,200 calories to even get under 2,000 calories.  But I don’t beat myself up.  I know I am on my way to shortly eating 1,200 calories.  And sure enough the first 7 days I am focused on 1,200 calorie goal but eating over 2,000 calories.  Then all the sudden I am successful and then again the next day and every day after that until all my pants fits me again.

The trick is to have your goal in my – Practice reaching it every day while not beating yourself up if you don’t. That is the truth.  That’s it – That’s all!

You will never change until you want something else more.  And you must have vision of what the new you would be in order to want something else more. And practice every day becoming the NEW you.


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