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WOW!!! Ho’oponopono maybe the most amazing happiness tool there is. It is the simplest yet the hardest to understand in a way. That’s why it has taken me so long to write about it on my site. I’m not sure why that is and I’d normally think it’s just me who is having a hard time understanding this seemingly simple process but I’m defiantly not the only one.

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The Work

Wow, The Work is an awesome tool. Most tools to increase your happiness advice you to change your thoughts. This is very different. The Work is one of the few tools were you actually question your thoughts; it’s about undoing thoughts rather than adding new ones. Byron Katie is the creator of this life changing process. The Work is all about self-inquiry and consists of four questions and a turnaround. All that’s required is a pen, some paper and an open mind. Through this process, anyone can learn to trace unhappiness to its source and eliminate it there.

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Meditation is THE TOOL. A simple ten to twenty minutes of meditation can help you overcome stress, find inner peace and balance.People often think they are too busy to stop and meditate but it’s because of how busy we are we all need to stop and take time out to simply BE. (Please read that last sentence again and really think about it.)

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