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Resurrecting a Habit

Today is Easter and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And it got me thinking what can I resurrect in my life?  What old goal/dream/habit have I let die?

I figure a lot people at least tried to give up something for Lent even the non-religious.  And now that Lent is over and today is the day of resurrection we should take a note from Jesus’s book and resurrect something in our lives.  Adding too not taking from.   My favorite of course is adding Habits.  I like to think about my goals and dreams and come up with action steps (habits) that will progress me in the right direction.

Because Progress is the true SECRET to Happiness.  And I am sure I have written about Progress being the Secret to Happiness before in a past post so I won’t go into that now.  Other than I must say it is not Success or Achievement that leads to happiness – IT IS PROGRESS. We must enjoy the journey.   You will be amazed how quickly simple action steps form full blown positive habits.

A few weeks ago I started walking on my treadmill just 1-2 miles a day.  And it quickly became a habit – I didn’t even mean that to happen.  All the sudden now I get this weird energy inside of me and know it is time to hit the treadmill.  Also habits are easier formed when you take it slow like me in the treadmill.  If I would have started at 5 miles a day I would have probably burnt out from the huge leap.

Habits are not just physical but they can be mental as well.   Today I want to resurrect a mental habit of Afformations.  Today I will start changing the questions I ask myself to positive questions aimed towards accomplishing my goals.  So just like Lent (but opposite since I am adding to not taking from) over the next 40 days I will be resurrecting my habit of doing Afformations. And what better time than NOW – Easter Sunday.

So let’s do it – Together!  Let’s all start progressing towards something today.  Let’s resurrect a goal or dream and come up with a least one action step to progress our way Happiness and Success.  You can join me in resurrecting my habit of Afformations which btw I think is the best tool for Success in any area of your life OR come up with your own.




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