You can create a gratitude journal for others.  Like your spouse, children, parents, or special friends.Start by buying a new journal with a specific person in mind.  Try to find a journal that matches their favorite color & interest.  You can always add decorations to the cover with colored markers or stickers.

But remember to keep it moderate since they may want to add their own personal touch.  On the insides cover you may wish to include a special person note.  Example:   Out of all the things, one could be grateful for it is YOU that I am most grateful for.  – Love Mom.

Then add the first entry to their journal. Date the entry and write about what you are grateful for about them.  Describe events, memories, what you wish for them and how grateful you are for them in your life.

Finally present your gift to your special person.  Telling someone you are grateful for them in your life, for what they have done, for who they are is a very powerful expression of caring and love.




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