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Recognize the Spiritual Meaning/Cause

True happiness comes from being able listen to what the Universe is telling us and taking action (primarily thought action) in the direction it is leading us.  All physical happenings in this world have a non-physical cause.  The sooner we accept that and look for the true meaning behind the illnesses and patterns in our life the sooner we can get on course – so to speak. We must accept responsibly for every single person and situation in our lives.

I recommend reading “Heal your Body” by Louise Hay I have found no better source of the true causes of physical problems.   To Download an excerpt from “Heal your Body” by Louise Hay  click here. Or view below.  Mobile Friendly. Takes a second to load. If it’s been a minute refresh your screen. You can zoom in easy on touch screens with your fingers. Otherwise there is zoom with in the pdf. And you can download the PDF below or click above. Ps the pdf tends to remember where u left off. So if u leave page and come back later today it will probably remember you 🙂 Check out Louise Hay’s Books

PS the PDF below is 100% searchable on desktops, laptops  and most tablets.  Just click little search button in left hand corner and type something like: back or stomach.  Sorry not yet searchable on Mobile phones But it is alphabetical. 


Check out Louise Hay’s Books

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  1. I use this tool every time I feel any pain or get sick. I LOVE IT. Before bed if I am sick or felt something I will google on my ” Louise hay and back pain” as an example. And then google will tell me the affirmation to say and I repeat it over and over while I am falling asleep.

    That’s why this post was so important I need the mobile friendly version of this PDF. Because even though I have the physical copy it is filed away and I prefer to look up stuff on my phone rather then filing cabnet.