The Basics

WOW!!! Ho’oponopono maybe the most amazing happiness tool there is.  It is the simplest yet the hardest to understand in a way.  That’s why it has taken me so long to write about it on my site.  I’m not sure why that is and I’d normally think it’s just me who is having a hard time understanding this seemingly simple process but I’m defiantly not the only one.

But keep reading this one tool WILL change your life! When I first learned of Ho’oponopono it seemed so simple but strangely the more I wanted to truly understand it and the more I practiced it the less I understood it.  Which is maybe because Ho’oponopono is all about clearing the old memories (feelings or beliefs) in your subconscious that are causing you to replay similar situations.

So what is Ho’oponopono? 

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian Art where you accept that everything that happens in your life is 100% your responsibility.

Now most people that come across my site (and stay on) know that they are responsible for their lives to a large degree.  But most like me still don’t take 100% responsibility for everything that comes into their life.  Taking 100% responsibility means taking responsibility for every problem (the problems of others) that you may encounter along your journey.

For the longest time I’ve know that if I meet someone and I notice a trait with in them that I don’t like it must be within me too.  Ho’oponopono validates that and takes it further. Before Ho’oponopono I could only recognize my opportunities to improve.  I had no idea I could heal them.  Clean my soul so to speak. And by cleaning parts of my soul I clean and heal those same parts in others. HOW AMAZING!

Start Now Guide

Start Now:

Ok so lets start right now using Ho’oponopono.  First let us take what ever problem, situation or person that is in front of us right now and say silently in our minds:

“I love you, I’m Sorry, Please forgive me, and Thank you”


So for a second let’s pretend there is a person standing in front of us that is a very angry stranger and we had nothing to do physically with causing them to be angry.  In our minds we say to that person, the problem, and to God (the universe, the Divine etc) “I love you, I’m Sorry, Please forgive me, and Thank you.”  Over and over and over some more.

What we are doing when we are making that statement is recognizing that their anger is 100% our responsibility.  We take ownership because we know if we can recognize it in another we too have it in ourselves even if we don’t feel that way right now. So instead of judging the angry person we LOVE THEM and we ask for our own forgiveness for our own anger. We are not trying to heal the other of their anger we are accepting the anger within us and asking for forgiveness and what seems like magic we transform the other and ourselves.


  • Remember everyone and everything wants your LOVE and they deserve it for the simple fact God wants you to offer your love and peace to all
  • What you give you receive; as you sow so shall you reap.  So offer your love and forgiveness to all that you encounter.
  • Change the order of the 4 statements as you feel necessary.  Just keep saying them in whatever order suits the moment
  • Use Ho’oponopono on memories of situation or people that have caused past pain.  It’s never to late to clean up the past especially when similar situations and feelings keep replaying in your life
  • Say I love you mentally as many times in a day as possible.  That one statement alone will transform your life!


Recommended readinghttp://mindfulenergywork.com/learn/healing_02.htm    and official sites (next tab)

Official sites:

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