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I am in LOVE with Facial Yoga

I am seriously in Love and obsessed with facial yoga.  I don’t know what happened when I turned 30 but all the sudden I see wrinkles where there were not and small pockets of fat by the corner of my lips where there definitively should not be.  I did not expect this to happen to me.  My whole life I have always looked young for my age and people still card me for everything.  But as a women I really want to look my best.

In the past I wasn’t so concerned about slowing down the ageing process but now that it has actually begone I am on the lookout for natural ways to keep me looking young. I am so glad that I found face yoga. I searched the internet for free info and most importantly pictures and videos on how to. It surprised me how little free info is really out there.  Most sites have one or two free demonstrations (mainly without pictures or videos) but then want to sell you something to find out more.  Then who knows if the paid info is really all that good.

But I finally found one site with a wealth of free info and videos. Face Yoga Method.  This is by far my favorite site because Fumiko Takatsu doesn’t just want to sell all her wealth of knowledge to you.  She runs a blog on this site with tons free demonstrations including videos and pictures.  I love the fact that you don’t even have to buy anything from the site to learn a lot and start right now looking younger.  She does of course though sell extensive courses on face yoga.  But once you see her site and check out her blog you’ll likely believe as I do:  If I am going to buy anything from anyone on anti aging facial exercises it is Fumiko Takatsu.

It really doesn’t hurt that she is so beautiful to.  When I am her age I hope I look half as good as she does.  And I love that she not only has before and after photos of others but of herself as well.  You have to check out her website to see the before and afters.


Check out the you tube videos I added below and make sure to check out her site for more info.




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D’Ana! Thank you so much for your nice article on me. I am very thrilled and so happy to hear that the information is useful to you!


Well ck’ing it out, did all 3 video’s. Would be nice to get rid of a double chin. lol


I was just watching you tube videos and found this video of this Girl that I just really like. It’s a great short video and she just has an awesome attitude. And she looks energetic and wide awake. Which some times I feel like I look tired. And her Face Yoga strategies are really focused on looking fresh and not tired. I was most excited about the eye flutter technique that she taught in this video. Check it out at http://youtu.be/dMn_5knFmdU

Yelena Matusevich
Yelena Matusevich

Still, I can find nowhere your real age, Fumiko Takatsu. Looking young at 44 is relatively easy. I did with minimum efforts. Doing so after 50 and 60 is another story. So I would like to know your age for your credibility

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