The Basics

The Law of Attraction exists in your life right now; whether you know it or not. The Law of Attraction is a powerful and obedient Universal Law. Simply put – the law of attraction states that “Like attracts like.”   The thoughts you think, feelings you feel, words you say, and actions you take all consist of energy that attracts to it more of its own kind. Our dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest but luckily we have a buffer of time.

“You are the most powerful magnet in the universe! You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than anything in this world, and this unfathomable  magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts.” – Rhonda Byrne

Now the Law of Attraction does not speak English or whatever language you think in.  You are not attracting your words. You are attracting the energy equivalent of your words, images and feelings.

It’s often easier to see the Law of Attraction at work in others lives rather than in your own.   Look around you at the people you’re close to. Listen to what they say and how they feel and you will see how they keep getting what they are getting.

Our whole lives are examples of The Law of Attraction in action. The old sane “Love comes when you are not looking.” is a perfect example of The Law of Attraction in action.  When you’re looking you’re focused on how lonely you are the Universe is matching that energy essence.  Then when you find a mate doesn’t it seem like everyone and their sibling is now asking you out. Or when you “accidentally” run into someone you’ve been thinking of, or you pick up a book that contains exactly the perfect information you need at that moment.

The Law of Attraction is involved in every single detail of our lives. If you don’t believe in The Law of Attraction consider that it was not until the 1800’s that the knowledge that the Earth was not flat became widespread.  It took Humans over a hundred thousand years to recognize that truth. Actually in my research into Religion and Belief Systems it seems as if more people believed in their ability to create their own reality than believed that the earth was spherical.

Philosophers, Religious Leaders, Spiritual Teachers, Masters of their fields and others of authority have always spoken of this law throughout history. They may have not used the words “Law of Attraction” or “Vibration” (some of them did – Like Napoleon Hill who wrote about vibrations in “Think and Grow Rich”– but his editors changed his wording for mass appeal) but they did speak of man’s ability to influence his own reality.

Getting the life that you want can be within your reach with the Law of Attraction. Whether you think your life is a mess or just want to improve it a little.

Happyecho’s 7 easy steps

Start NOW Guide

How to use the Law of Attraction on any specific desire!

You can Download a free printer friendly version in pdf format CLICK HERE

1.) Be grateful for all the good things (including people & circumstances) that you already have in your life.

  • Focusing 1st on what you already have puts you in an excellent vibration to attract more things that will make you feel good.
  • List off as many good things as you can think of.


2.)  Decide on what you want!  Really decide.

  • Be as clear as possible.  Think of as many details as you can. Clarity gives the law speed!
  • Read the “Negative” Emotions are Good!!to help you work out the small details.  Follow your emotional guidance system on every small detail.  Choose only the details that bring forth positive emotion.  Leave behind & replace any details that cause even the slightest feelings of discomfort.
  • You can also Use Afformations to help clarify your desires.  eg.  “Why do I know exactly what I want in all areas of life?”  or “Why do I all the sudden have such clarity about what I want?”  Afformations work!!
  • If you are still having and trouble or just are not 100% sure what exactly you want use the Law of Attraction its self.  Start by listing off any tiny thing that you know 100% that you want.  List off as many as possible.  eg: “I want to be healthy and have energy” -just any thing you can think of.  This listing process will bring you, because the LOA, a bigger list. This combined with the Afformations and paying attention to your emotional guidance is the best 3 step plan on clarifying your desires. You will be able to feel when you are really clear on what you want!  Just the same as you can feel when you are on the fence.

3.) Ask yourself: “Why do I want __________?”

  • Randomly list as many reasons as you can.
  • Once again follow your emotional guidance when listing your reasons.  Leave behind & replace any reason that when thought of causes you to feel even the slightest feelings of discomfort.
  • Knowing the why and focusing on the why is your job; not the how.  Often the universe has a better, faster and easier plan then you could imagine.

4.) Ask yourself: “Why do I believe I can have __________?”

  • This is often the hardest step.  If you find it hard keep it short.
  • I recommend a version of one of Anthony Robbins’ Methods for this step

Picture a table. Like the one below.  On the top of the table is what you want and on the 4 legs is reasons why you believe you can have what you want.  Doing this Table method will strengthen your belief that you can.

4 legs

I Love this Table Method because it gives your new desire “Legs to stand on” and you only have to come up with 4 reasons.  And after you come up with the 4 reasons with the mental picture of the table in your head you will feel a HUGE increase in confidence that you can have what you want. Without the mental picture of the table you’ll just have 4 reasons but no legs to stand on.

5.)  Build a mental picture of what you want.

  • Use your imagination to see how your life will look when you have what you want.
  • Play a 10 minute movie in your head.  You are the writer, the director, the STAR, and everyone you want to be there is.

6.)  Act on your positive thoughts and new mental picture.

  • Before making a decision try asking yourself “What would the ME that has what I want do in this moment?”
  • Using the previous example: The YOU that is at a healthy weight would probably not overindulge on a chocolate cake because this version of you would feel so great about accomplishing your desire that the ability alone to turn down the second piece would be reward enough.

7.) Once you are certain about what you want & feel good about having the desire – Let it go!!!

  • Knowing that your certainty about what you want and the work you’ve done in the previous steps will bring you your desire.
  • Worrying about when or how is not your job and will push your desire away from you.
  • Let the Law of Attraction do its job now that you’ve done yours.

Stop doing any step when you have any feelings of discomfort & come back to it later.


“Anything that you give your attention to will become your ‘truth’.  The Law of Attraction says it must. Your life, and everyone else’s, too, is but a reflection of the predominance of your thoughts there is no exception to this.” 

– Abraham-Hicks

You can Download a free printer friendly version in pdf format CLICK HERE


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