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This classic tool is taught by almost all teachers of deliberate creation.  Virtually every self-help and personal development plan that has ever existed [...]


*please note this is different then affirmations. New expanded list  240 Afformations – 7 pages! This is an amazing tool!  It’s one of my [...]

Creative Visualization

The Basics What’s the difference between Creative Visualization & Day Dreaming? Creative Visualization is such a fun tool & can be combined with all other [...]

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

The Basics EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the TOOL that is meant for eliminating emotional and psychological blocks and barriers. Using EFT is not about [...]


The Basics I bet you know someone who seems to be always happy regardless of what’s happening around them.  Like everyone, they can be [...]


The Basics WOW!!! Ho’oponopono may be the most amazing happiness tool there is. It is the simplest yet the hardest to understand [...]


  “Laughter is the best medicine.” I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction and “the better it gets – the better it [...]

Law of Attraction

    The Basics The Law of Attraction exists in your life right now; whether you know it or not. The Law of Attraction is a [...]


 “If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts."  -Alan Cohen The Basics Meditation is THE TOOL.  A [...]


  Listening to the right music can do wonders to improve your mood and alter your energy level. The right music for you [...]

Non-Labeling Presence

"Non-Labeling Presence" is best defined as being in an environment (anywhere) and not giving names or past ideas to the things you see, hear, smell, etc..  Most people think of [...]

Self Hypnosis

"Your ability to use the principle of autosuggestion will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to concentrate upon a given desire until that [...]

Smile 🙂

Smiling is #1 on the list of things you can do right now to increase your happiness! Now I know many people who come [...]

The Work

"Who would you be without your story?" “In my experience, it takes only one person to have a successful relationship. I like to [...]

Happiness Tips & Tricks

“Look within”

*I am unaware of the origins of this story.  I had it on my computer for years. If you know - please email me at [...]

5 Helpful Things to Do When You Think Life Sucks

This post is a Community Add On. If you would like to contribute to happyecho.com Please message us on facebook. http://tinybuddha.com/blog/5-helpful-things-do-when-think-life-sucks/ It is pretty [...]

Change Made Easy

Everyone at one point or another in their lives thinks “change is HARD".  Well, guess what it's NOT. Today I am going to [...]

Cleaning the floors

I was finishing cleaning my floors right now and it occurred to me all the work I had to do before I could [...]

Counter Intentions

You maybe asking yourself “what is a counter intention?” So I have included this page on happyecho.com to answer just that. The fact is [...]

Daily Goals

Today I wanted to write about my new way of thinking about goals. In the past I had tried so hard to accomplish [...]

Dancing Affirmations

So I have this strange habit every night before I go to bed.   After I am done working and my inbox is empty [...]


One of the biggest causes of unhappiness is our need to defend ourselves. Our need to defend ourselves causes us to do and [...]

Dreams and the dream world

I am a very curious person. My whole life I have wondered about the why and how of everything. I have a billion [...]

Fun Gift Idea

You can create a gratitude journal for others.  Like your spouse, children, parents, or special friends.Start by buying a new journal with a [...]

God wants your Love

Based on the title you may think I’m religious but I am not. My father is Catholic, my Mother Mormon and my brother [...]

Happiness is the only way

A couple days ago I was having a conversation with a person I thought had a pretty standard level of intelligence. But in [...]

Letting go of the past

past-present-future "Out of sight, out of mind." The proverb has been around since at least the 1500s and is based on the idea [...]

Planning for a great day!

Today I heard a question that really caught my attention. The question was is today going to be a Good Day, a Bad [...]

Resurrecting a Habit

Today is Easter and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And it got me thinking what can I resurrect in my life?  [...]

Saying I’m Sorry

It seems to me saying "I'm Sorry" (Apologizing) is a lot like forgiveness. You know how its good for you to forgive others [...]

Saying YES to Life

Saying yes to life can be hard. I think it's one of the most difficult things for us to do. When things are [...]

Saying Yes to Life part two

So Last year I wrote a blog about saying YES to life.  You can view the first blog at :saying-yes-to-life/ But then today [...]

Simple tip to increase your joy

Good Sunday! Like a lot of people, I know Sundays are my cleaning day.  I love looking around my environment and seeing dust [...]

Simple Trick When Stressed Out

When I am stressed my mind starts going a mile a minute looking for multiple solutions to multiple problems. Like attracts like. So [...]

What I’ve learned from flowers

At the beginning of the summer I planted my very first flower garden. Over the last couple months I have learned so many [...]

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