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Listening to the right music can do wonders to improve your mood and alter your energy level. The right music for you will be something only you will know. And will change based on your present situation, Vibration, or Intention.

I recommend you first try what you know works for you – but then do not limit yourself. Something new or a completely different genre of music may be just what you need right now.

As with all things – pay attention to how you feel in the moment. Know what you want to accomplish and you will recognize if you are feeling the way you have intended. So what do you want to accomplish?

  • Raise you mood and energy level?
  • Release Anger – safely?
  • Relive stress?
  • Relax?
  • Cry (don’t laugh – you probably watched a sad movie to do just that)?


Music Listening Tips

  • Move to the music.  If you are alone – move like you are.  No one is watching so let go.  Try to move all your muscles.  Don’t just do some routine or club accepted dance – try something more tribal where your whole body is involved.  If you are in your car sit up straight, and gently and most importantly safely move your torso (not your head – keep your eyes on the road).  If you are at work play a song in your head, tap your feet, or have a dance party every time you go to the bathroom.
  • Feel the music inside of you.  Close your eyes and become one with the music.  Let the music guide your movement.
  • Try one of the Mood matching websites below.
  • Do a rain dance.  In native american cultures rain dances are very prevalent   When it is dry and they want it to rain instead of begging or hoping for rain they get together and pretend it is raining and dance in the rain.  So when you are listening to music remember this – it is the perfect time to use the law of attraction.
  • Open your mind.  Try some new music.  Listen to it all.  Well maybe not it all.  Some music can be harsh and loud and actually have negative physical side effects on the cells of your body.  But try Country, Classical, Rap, R and B, Soft alternative, New age.  Allow music to expand your perception.


I like rap when I want to accomplish something – like Biggie Smalls (my fave), Iggy Azaela, Nicki Minaj and Eminem, Classical when I want to focus, When I am angry Miranda Lambert (country)  or Angie Martinez (rap), and new age when I want to get my energy up and Burn some calories!

Top websites that play music matching your mood or the mood you desire

My favorite is iheart of course.

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My goal with all that I do is to help individuals around the world take their power back, reach the happiness level they deserve and create the life they truly desire.

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