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Abraham – moving up the emotional scale

“Negative emotion always means the same thing, every single time… My thought or behavior is moving in opposition with who I really am and what I really want.”

I love Abraham- Hicks. I drive a lot for work and listen to audiobooks all the time and Abraham is one of my favorites. My iPod is filled with Abraham. And today I realized I have never really added any of Abraham’s tools to my site. Well, that changes now and I will add many more in the future.

Abraham offers so many tools to help you create the life you desire and deserve. My favorite (because it’s a great starting place) is simply moving up the emotional scale to a slightly better feeling place. It can be soooo AMAZING and is hands down the simplest and best starting place. (especially if you are towards the lower end of the list)

How it works is whenever I feel hopeless, depressed or powerless I simply try to find a better feeling emotion Like Anger. I tend to skip over the Jealousy or revenge because that never feels better to me. But Anger totally does.

It sounds weird because I have I website all about Happiness but truly Anger is such a great emotion. It gives me a sense of Determination and “I will show you…” kind of invigoration. I accomplish so much with Anger. I know that there is a thin line between the Anger I like and the type of Anger that makes a person powerless to it. The type of Anger I love is the type where you feel like you can accomplish anything.

The type of Anger I use demolishes feelings of depression, fear and overwhelment as opposed to”I am so mad I could hit you” if you feel the latter you definitely want to do your best to move just a tiny bit higher up the emotional scale.

I say this over and over again on happyecho….but here I go again… The quality of our lives is ENTIRELY determined by how we feel! Abraham emotional scale is a great tool because it reminds us that we can feel better NOW.  I think that part of the problem when you are depressed is people making you believe or feel like there is something wrong with you and you should be happy.  Which will just make you more depressed.  BUT WHAT IF IT’S NOT ABOUT HAPPINESS. What if it’s just about moving to a better feeling.

If we are depressed we don’t need to feel bliss right this second.  All we need to do is look for relief by moving to a better feeling place.  And anger is a better feeling place from depression. In everyday, in every moment we just look for a better feeling place. (PS this isn’t a long post make sure to make it to the end right below to find out how to feel better now)

I think this moving up the emotional scale tool from Abraham is amazing and should definitely be utilized by anyone wants a quality life. But know that the order of the scale may be different for you depending on values. The point is to just try to move to a better feeling place. Only you can decide what feels better to you. Never let anyone tell you how you are supposed to feel. This is your life, your body and your mind only you know what feels better.

Very important tip to move up the scale- Almost Always moving up the emotional scale requires a small change. 

A good example is if I have absolutely no energy or joy from what I’m doing I will move up the scale by changing what I am doing or changing what I am thinking about or even how I am thinking about “it”. Moving up requires some type of change.  Honestly most of the time it is just a change of thought no outer action.

With that being said though taking a small action is a quick way to move up. I normally tell myself “Progress=happiness” So how or what can I do right now to feel like I am making progress? Often for me it’s nothing big sometimes it just involves straightening up my house or even something as small as checking the mail, taking out the trash. All progress (especially the small stuff) will cause you to move up. To accomplish anything big you must take small steps.

Start now. Take a step forward a notice how your energy reappears. I really recommend you read  Progress the Secret to Happiness

And make sure to do a search of our site for Abraham to find audio, video and more tools.

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