“Non-Labeling Presence” is best defined as being in an environment (anywhere) and not giving names or past ideas to the things you see, hear, smell, etc..  Most people think of presence as just being in this moment but in their presence they tend to bring past labels (names/judgments) with them.

Which is why I include the non-labeling – it is true presence and true happiness. Simply non-labeling is to look at a blade of grass and not needing to know that it is a blade of grass.For example as a type this I’m sitting in my backyard looking at a brick wall that I know I have personally seen thousands of times and when my mind is active and giving out labels (names/judgments) it looks not so special, most of the time I don’t notice it or when I do I notice a flaw in the wall.

But In the moments I am completely present and bringing no past labels to the things in my environment that same brick wall looks spectacular and I become amazed by how it came to be a so curious about it. And in those moments it becomes as magnificent as one of the great pyramids. To some this may sound crazy but it truly is the real secret to happiness.

And those who have experienced this you know as I do- this is the secret to true happiness.  In these moments you let go of the judger in you and you see the world as your source (God, Allah, Higher Self, Soul) does and in these moments you know that that source is looking through your eyes, smelling through your nose, etc…

There was a time when I believed that it was only in these moments that I could physically feel what I more often refer to as God in me- viewing the world through me – that God was with me.  But now I am coming to believe God is always there but because “my judger”  I just don’t always have access to “him”.

For me these moments of Non-Labeling Presence came on there own time and without any notice.  But as I have gotten older I have realized that I can “cause” them.  But not by simply deciding to be present without labeling.  I must first get my self to a vibration/emotional/mental state where that is even possible.  For example if I am sad, angry, or frustrated I become incapable of true presence or even meditation.

But I have found that I can move to a better vibration (where I can access presence) by asking myself questions.  Questions designed to get to the truth of why I am feeling emotions that “disconnect me”.  Say for example I am angry at someone.  I can move away from anger quickly by asking myself “Why am I angry at myself, What am I not doing that I think I should be doing?”  The answers come quickly once your asking the right questions and the emotion lessens quickly as well.  Emotions are our guidance.  Once we get the message they’re telling us they resolve themselves.

You can let go of the past.  Don’t worry it will be there for you later, if you want it to be.  But right now – you do not need it.  You do not need to know the different names for the trees that you see.  Just look at them for the first time without pretending that you know about them.  Because in reality you don’t.  Just because you can call something by a name or list “facts” about it does not mean you know the first thing about it or how it came to be.  What if it is not all the labels you have given it?  What if it is more than even your wildest imagination can even fathom?  There is so much more truth in not pretending you know everything!  Be present with the tree don’t judge it or label it.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Socrates:

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. “



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