The Basics

What’s the difference between Creative Visualization & Day Dreaming?

Creative Visualization is such a fun tool & can be combined with all other tools you use like affirmations, afformations, law of attraction, etc. Keith Randolph defined Creative Visualization best in his book ‘Truth about Creative Visualization’:

 “Creative visualization involves the fashioning of an image in the conscious mind and the charging (and constant recharging) of that image by the enormous psychic energy of the unconscious.”
Creative Visualization is very different from day dreaming in that Creative Visualization is done in the first person and the present tense -as if the visualized scene were unfolding all around you.  Whereas normal daydreaming is done in the third person and the future tense – as if the “you” of the daydream is a puppet with the real “you” watching from afar.

This tool is used by top performers everywhere to gain that winning edge and create the reality they desire. You can use it too – And you should!  You can affect the inner & outer world just by changing the images in your mind.

Creative visualization is often used in cancer treatment programs, sports medicine, sports training  in general and business leadership courses.

In Russia the separated their Olympic athletes into 4 groups and had them combine physical and mental (visualization) training to discover which combination would achieve the best results and they discovered that the athletes that practiced  25% physical training with 75% mental training far out preformed the rest.

We live in a world that often tells us actions get results but the truth is visualization is an Action step too and it is the action step that will get Results! Athletes and top performers in all industries have always known this.

D’Ana’s Creative Visualization Start Now Guide

1. Make a decision about what you really want on any subject.

  • Making a decision is very powerful!
  • Be as clear as possible.  Think of as many small details as you can.
  • Follow your emotional guidance while you’re working out the details.  Leave behind & replace any details that cause even the slightest feelings of discomfort.

2. Relax your body, quite your mind and focus on your breath.

  • Make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Think of Creative Visualization of a form of meditation.  Follow all the advice of meditation in order to get relaxed.
  • You may even wish to start with a short meditation prior to beginning your creative visualization.

3. Now use your imagination to visualize the specific results you desire.

  • Use all of the senses i.e., what do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? What does it smell like?

4. Then visualize it over and over and over… again.

  • Repetition is the key to everything; including creative visualization.

5. Believe if you are able to imagine it – the Universe has the ability to make it happen and Will!

  • This is often the hardest step for most people.  However if you are here on my site you more than likely have heard this phrase “imagine it!” many times before.
  • Have you ever noticed that things you want in your life (but don’t have) when you try to imagine it you often feel this slight discomfort in your body?  That’s because you’re not yet fulfilling you part of the creative process.  If you are feeling any discomfort it is because either one of your details is actually “unwanted”, you have fear or a counter intention standing in your way of achieving your desire. When using your imagination quickly move off of any details that you notice that feeling of discomfort. Most of us spend way to much time using our imagination to imagine all the details we don’t want. Let’s change that.  Let’s start today paying more attentions to what we are putting out into the Universe. Let’s be willing to spend more time Feeling GOOD!


I was really inspired by this next video – It made me think in a new way in regards to body and what it could achieve and how I can not just effect my outer world in terms of my finances, relationships etc.  But can also affect a direct change on the shape of my body.


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