Happiness 101

Progess the secret to happiness

Progress is the true secret to happiness. It shouldn’t be a secret though. Because like all the other so called secrets it has been known by all the greats through out history. The…

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“Negative” Emotions are Good!!

It may come as a surprise to some – I love “Negative” Emotions, because in spite of popular belief they are good.  There is absolutely no need to fear them.  Choose to be grateful for them instead.…

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How to Choose Happiness

My 4 step guide to happiness now! First recognize that the quality of our lives is ENTIRELY determined by how we feel.  Really think about it.  Your emotional life shapes your available perception on all events,…

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Why Choose Happiness

“The simplest answer is usually the correct answer” First why not choose Happiness? I mean let’s face it the quality of our lives is ENTIRELY determined by how we feel.   Life is meant…

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Human Happiness Its Nature and Its Attainment – Table of Contents

By: MICHAEL W. FORDYCE, Ph.D. TABLE OF CONTENTS    VOLUME I : THE NATURE OF HAPPINESS 1 The New Psychology of Happiness 2 A Test of Your Happiness 3 What is Happiness? 4 The…

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Fourteen Fundamentals

Created By: MICHAEL W. FORDYCE, Ph.D Answers the question – What are the top 14 traits of happy people? The “Fourteen Fundamentals” are fourteen, highly characteristic traits of happy individuals, according to years…

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