“The simplest answer is usually the correct answer”

First, why not choose Happiness? I mean let’s face it the quality of our lives is ENTIRELY determined by how we feel.

Life is meant to feel good. God, your loved ones, the departed – They all want you to be HAPPY. Life is meant to feel good! And all it takes is a minor change in your thinking to go from depression to Bliss.

(Read How to choose happiness, Progress the secret to happiness )

But the real answer to the question Why choose happiness is: Life is just plain BETTER when you are happy!

  • Happier people……
    • Live longer
    • Have a stronger immune system
    • Are more active, and have greater energy
    • Are more emotionally healthy
    • Exhibit greater self-control & coping abilities
    • Enjoy superior work outcomes like: Greater Creativity, Increased Productivity, Higher Quality of Work, and Higher Income
    • Are more cooperative, pro- social & charitable
    • Enjoy larger relationship rewards like: being more likely to marry & less likely to get divorced, more likely to have more friends, more likely to enjoy stronger social support, and more likely to enjoy richer social interactions.
    • Benefit their families, communities & society at large

Here is what I know from my personal experience – on days when I am grumpy it seems like nothing goes my way. Everything just seems to make me grumpier or angrier. But then when I am happy I swear it’s like Every Single thing goes my way. People give me free stuff, hold doors open for me, I find money where I didn’t expect it. Everything is SOOOO much better when your happy because of the law of attraction.

So that’s why I choose happiness because it sucks to not feel good and it sucks that the universe just keeps giving you more things to not feel good about. Which is why I started my site. To write about Tools, Tips and Tricks to help people (including myself) switch things up and turn things around. The Truth is like the bible says “To those who have, more will be given. From those who have little, even that will be taken.” So try having some happiness and get more. The Law of Attraction is a very Real Thing.

Start Now

  1. Think of three things you are grateful for
  2. Checkout our Community ad-on 119 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Happier by Emma @ Health Grinder

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