I just watched this video on youtube by Tony Robbins entitled “Create a new story”.  ( I included it below)  It was so beneficial. It was awesome from the start.  I love how in the first minute he reminds us of what I personally have always thought of as the secret to my happiness- which is PROGRESS=HAPPINESS. When I am making progress of any kind I feel amazing.  When I’m stagnant or just doing the same old same old and not giving my best I feel the complete opposite of amazing.  But that is just his brief intro into why you are happy or unhappy.  There is so much more.  This video is all about OUR BLUEPRINTS. We all have a blueprint…
I really hope you have an extra 40 mins to watch the video below.  But honestly, you will get a lot if you can just watch the first 10-15 mins.  But just in case you only have a few minutes or at work and do not want to get in trouble for watching videos Let me give you a brief rundown of what this video is all about so you can get started now creating a new story/blueprint to achieve more happiness and satisfaction in your life.

In this video, Tony Robins explains that we all have Blueprints for each area of our life (Family/career/finances/etc).

A blueprint is simply a story, belief, or strong desire about how our life should be in any specific area. (Family/career/finances/etc).

So if we are unhappy with any area of our life it is because the current life experience/conditions of our life in that area DO NOT match/equal your blueprint.

So to achieve happiness we have a couple of different options.  

First, we can start right now to ask ourselves what are our blueprints.  This first part does take some time.  The easiest way (I think) to discover our blueprint (story of how we think our life should be) is to ask ourselves questions.  So let’s say I am unhappy or happy in a certain area of my life I would ask myself  “why am I happy or unhappy in this area?” The answer to that question will give me a great look into what my blueprint is.

So now we know what are blue print is we can take option one and figure out: How do I close the gap between where I am and where I want to be? Option one is all about progress=happiness.

Option two is about changing our blueprints.  We change our blueprints by once again asking ourselves questions.  I think the most appropriate question would be“Why do I want this outcome?”  This question opens us up to the reasons behind our blueprint.  And with these reasons we now have the knowledge of what we really want and why we want it.  Often we find after asking ourselves that question –“Why do I want this outcome?”–  we find our true blueprint and more mental doors open to achieving what we really want.  Which often comes down to achieving a certain feeling.

Option three – the one and only true option: Combine option one and two. Start now figuring out how to close the gap and discover what is really at the heart of your blue print –what do you really need to achieve in each area of your life to feel successful?

Let me give you a good example:  Say your an artist and in your twenties you dreamed about fame and fortune and somewhere inside of you you believed it would happen for you.  Your blue print is you need to achieve fame and fortune.  But now your in your forties and the industry doesn’t seem so kind and you have yet to achieve the success that you believed you would achieve by this point in your life.

(I think this is a good example cause in one way or another we all have things we believed we would achieve by time we are XX age and now we’ve passed that age and our yet to achieve our desire)

So lets start with option two – discovering whats really behind that blue print.  Discovering the real reasons we want that and if we can tweak our blueprint and make it achievable now.  Lets close the gap between our current situation and where we want to be.  TAKE ACTION!!!

So if I wanted to be a singer – I would join my church choir, spend my free time writing songs, do vocal training etc.

If I wanted to be an actor I would take a class, join a local theater group, go on auditions etc.

If I wanted to be a successful entrepreneurial I would take a course on business  marketing, sales.  I would write down ideas daily and open my eyes and ears to opportunities around me etc.

If I wanted to be married with children I would go out and meet people (appropriate places), join an online dating site, read a book on the subject, talk to happy successful couple etc.

The point to all of this is: Ask yourselves empowering questions and take action!!!!

If you can watch one minute of this video please watch :6mins20secs – 7mins9secs


And here is a Blueprint speech from one of the greatest motivational and inspirational people of all time.  SUCH A GREAT SPEECH!!!!

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