Good Sunday! Like a lot of people, I know Sundays are my cleaning day.  I love looking around my environment and seeing dust free clean and organized.  I personally don’t work well in a cluttered environment.  I honestly don’t believe anyone does. But this is not the simple tip today.

But as I was cleaning my desk I asked myself: “Am I present in my action or is this a means to an end?” I realized I was cleaning without any presence.

And the second I asked myself that question the way my hand moved, the feeling within me changed. Instantly. Crazy how questions do that.  It is true “Change your questions, change your life.”

Instantly I went from following a routine and not really feeling anything. I didn’t feel happy or sad I was just going with the motions.  But then in an instant, I felt Love!

When you are present in any action you bring love into the action.  It is crazy how easy it is to go from feeling nothing to feeling the greatest thing of all – Love.

So try it out for yourself. Ask: “Am I present in my action or is this a means to an end?”  BRING PRESENCE IN. This may sound weird to some but when you become present in whatever your doing (even when you are doing “nothing”) it literally feels like GOD is looking thru your eyes, feeling with your hands.  It’s crazy easy!


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