I was finishing cleaning my floors right now and it occurred to me all the work I had to do before I could even start cleaning my floors. I had to go through and clean all my counter tops, tables, the desk, and everything above the floors before I could get to the floors.

Now yes maybe I’m a little cleaner and organized then a lot people, but I think most people can relate to the fact that if you really want clean floors you have to wipe down the things above the floor first.

So I started thinking how come when it comes to our present moment personal issues we always go straight back to childhood – looking for answers. Even therapists often ask in their first session “tell me about your childhood”. Now I know our childhoods affect us a lot, but maybe sometimes we should start a little more recent when it comes to our personal issues.

Maybe what’s in our lives NOW needs to be dealt with a little more than past. But in life just like cleaning your home sometimes it’s not always necessary to start from the top down. Sometimes you just need to clean the floors. And just like cleaning no matter how well you clean today you’ll still need to clean again in the future.


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