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There is no need to monitor your thoughts :)

I get a lot of emails most being articles or blogs about the kind of stuff I’m interested in here at But Today I got an email from a website focused on manifesting, the law of attraction and enlightenment. I was surprised by their belief and focus on monitoring “every single thought.” I must say though that they had a lot of great things to say in that email – mixed in with the whole “you need to monitor every single thought,” “think only positive thoughts,” and “beware of your ego.”

So I thought I should make it a little clearer what I believe about monitory your thoughts, thinking only positive thoughts and the big bad scary ego. So often people want to label things and in a group that it may not belong.

As far as monitory your thoughts – I would not recommend attempting a task so big and unnecessary. Instead I would urge you to listen to what your emotions are telling you about the present moment direction you are heading in. (read: “Negative” Emotions are Good!!) God gave every single human being on this planet the most wonderful gift. Emotions. Your emotions are so much more than you may have previously thought they were. They are your direct connection to the non-physical – to God. They are your first line of communication from the non-physical.

Once you understand that communication and connection you open yourself up to other types of communication -like: actual words from non-physical. I would recommend caring about how you feel. Since your emotions are your very own internal GPS. If in this moment you are feeling emotions that feel good to you (like: bliss, happiness, energetic, peace, etc..) then know that God is telling you that you are thinking a thought or heading down a path that will bring you more feelings you would consider good.

If you are feeling emotions that feel badly to you (like: despair, sadness, anger, etc..) then know God is telling you that you are thinking a thought or heading in a direction that will bring you pain and suffering.

Now for the whole “think only positive thoughts.” I would stress to you instead that you do not beat yourself up or put yourself down. Do know that whatever you focus your attention on grows and manifest in your life. So try to focus on the positive aspects of your fellow man and the situations you encounter. But do not beat yourself up if you need to vent about a person or situation. Sometimes venting can be healthy and release your anger or frustration. I would always recommend to keep your complaints to a minimum – because I believe you will just get more of whatever you’re complaining about.

If ever I personally feel the need to complain about something I try first thinking of all the positive aspects of the person or situation – even if those aspects have nothing to do with me or maybe in the past. Then I may vent, but then I go back to trying to come up with as long of a list of positive aspects that I can. Because those are the aspects I would like to attract more of.

It’s like a sandwich – any managers or supervisors know that when you need to talk to an employee about something you’d like them to do better you always Sandwich your complaints in the middle of positive aspects of the employee. The employee is more likely to improve under those circumstances and in the same ways so will your relationships and your life situations if you use the sandwich method on yourself.

Now the big bad scary ego. Lol. I would think of your ego as a child. A child who wants your love and attention. Not an annoying child – but a child you love and want to give your attention to. I do not know if you need to “transcend” or “rise above” your ego. For me I have noticed that my ego moves with me. Like a cats tail. I would not chase it – I would instead just let it follow me and offer it my love and appreciation for moving in the direction I am.

The ego is no more solid than any thing else in this Universe. It is always moving and changing (transforming itself) to meet you. If you want to be a nicer more loving person make nicer, and more loving decisions through out your day. And notice that your ego will follow your direction. There is no need to be scared of it or try to get rid of it. It is a part of you. Love it. Love you.

So I think the conclusion to all this is – Care about how you feel and follow those good feeling thoughts and actions.

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Kathy MacKay
Kathy MacKay

A question about afformations. Please tell me as I say the question am I supposed to think about each question or do I read down the list of questions without thinking about them? My email is kathymackay50@ Would really appreciate an answer.Thanks

Reply to  Kathy MacKay

Emotion, Emotion, Emotion! Afformations like anything else only work with emotion. Positive or negative emotion. The fact is most of us are constantly using Afformations we are just using them to keep recreating the things in our life we don’t want.

An Example in my life is every time I would talk to my boss or manager some how I would mess up my all my words and in my head I was always asking myself “why am I incapable of communicating with them?” And another thing that bugged me at that time was getting along with my co-workers. Those two things I felt the most negative about when I fist started Afformations. So when I made my first list I included those along with any thing I could think of that I wanted to improve in my life. I recorded them and listened to them on a loop while I slept. What I found though is only the things that really, really, really bothered me changed. And changed quickly! With in a week I was communicating with no fear or doubt and my co-workers seemed to like me better. The point is emotion (positive or Negative) is what really matters.

So lets say you made a list and you plan on reading them out load or repeating them to yourself silently in your mind – back them up with emotion. Say the words like you mean it – feel the feeling you would feel if those words were true. You must want to change. If you just read down a list with no emotion or imagination you won’t believe you and neither will the Universe.

Finally if you are saying Afformations and on certain ones you don’t notice an improvement increase you wanting. You can even use afformations to do so -“Why do I want this so badly? Why do I want this more and more everyday?” Afformations are the fastest way to change your life. Change your questions change your answers( your life).

Kathy MacKay
Kathy MacKay

Thank you for your response,but my life is such a mess it could not get worse. I pray that this works because I really am at the end of my rope…

Reply to  Kathy MacKay

This might sound crazy but while u do your afformations clean counters, organize closets, get rid of anything around u that u no-longer need. Donate clothes. Clean your environment while doing the afformations. It sounds crazy but it works. If u have a car clean it. If u have a home clean it. If your living with someone or even at a shelter clean it. Not saying u are but start with your physical environment. Clean the physical mess and the mental life mess will follow. Then when u sit on your couch and look around u and think u will feel so amazing. U will be in a solution instead of problem state of mind. The physical and non physical go hand and hand. There is a two way causation. Right now you feel overwhelmed. We have all been there. Start somewhere even if today its just wiping down 1 counter or desk or sink. I hope this helps. I know that it has in the past with everyone i know. I have literally went to people houses and cleaned them for them. It makes a huge difference no matter how crazy it may sound. Start now where ever u are. If your at a gas station grab a napkin and clean their counter 🙂

Kathy MacKay
Kathy MacKay

Thanks again for your response but when I say my life is a mess I don’t mean my house.My husband sent me a text after 28 years of marriage that he was divorcing me. That was May of 2012 and my divorce was final in Jan of this year. He walked away from our whole family without a backward glance.We have a 27 year old daughter who had twins 6 months before this happened.He does not know them at all and no one has heard anything about him since. with no explain action my head is in a really bad place. I was desperatlely searching for a way to be happy again.I am 62 years old and feel that my whole life has been a lie. Your blog helps some but I just don’t see happiness for me.Hopeless is the word I would use

Reply to  Kathy MacKay

First Kathy, Your affirmation needs feelings..and your feelings are all tied up in the bad. Look to the positive side, and trust me there is a positive side. You may not see it or feel it but its there.
When my daughter used cleaning as an example I could see why you would not get it.

As for you, you need to go pass the bad and look ahead at what the possibilities are. I have been where you are, its not hopeless.
I am thinking for you try your first affirmation..holding your fist tightly and loudly say “my ex does not make who I am”!! And say this everyday, until you realize your fist are no longer balled up. Then move on to yourself..example “I will do this” and smile. Then move on to all positive affirmations.
I truly feel your pain Kathy. Keeping you in my thoughts. Bobi (

Reply to  Bobi

Thank mom. Great advice next time i feel hopeless are overwhelmed i will try that too. 🙂


Thank you D’

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