Saying yes to life can be hard. I think it’s one of the most difficult things for us to do. When things are going as we planned we find it easy -But when things don’t go exactly as we have planned we say NO to life. As if we know better, as if our plan was the right plan and the only plan.

In the mist of despair and rock bottom circumstance we can choose to believe that there is a seed of an equal or greater opportunity in our mist. We don’t need to prolong our suffering; we can stop judging things as good or bad and just accept this is the path that will lead us to where we are meant to be. Even the most multi-sensory among us do not have the power to know the full plan. So we must trust in all that is and remember even though we can’t see the plan it is us who helped choose it.

By saying NO to our current circumstances we are only causing ourselves to feel pain. This pain is unnecessary. I believe this is the true definition of sin. This is how we are “missing the mark”. We sin every time we say No to life and are current life circumstances. Say YES to all that is. Be grateful now for the future you cannot yet see. No matter how bad things seem now – know this will lead you to where you are meant to be. And where you are meant to be cannot be “bad”.

Take a moment to remember Christ, Buddha, Gandi and ask yourself what answer they gave life. Did they say NO or YES to life? And do you think for a second that their lives were perfect and had no Suffering?

Even the worst of circumstances can lead us straight to the best of circumstance. A place where what we truly desire lies. A place of true love, true happiness, and true peace. But if we say NO we will only suffer unnecessarily on the way. So say YES TO LIFE! And be grateful for all your “problems”.

As I write this I feel that the word problems may be to weak of a word. We use it too much to describe the little inconveniences in life. Know the problems that I speak of are our moments of despair – when we feel like the walls are closing in and we have nowhere to go. Know in those moments you are not alone and you need not suffer no matter the situation. Accept all that comes your way as the road you are meant to travel.

And know this too shall pass. Take a moment to take stock of the problems you had 20 yrs ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago…. Think about the really big ones. The average one year old screams in despair when they are a little hungry -The average 4 year old suffers when they are told to share – The average 13 year old has to many “problems” to list. Think back to when you were that age – didn’t those problems seem real to you. Didn’t you suffer? Even to the extent that you now suffer over your current “Adult” problems.

The only real difference is that you more then likely now suffer in silence as to not draw to much attention to yourself. When we are faced with new problems we forget about the extent that we felt the last ones. That’s the funny thing about pain. It’s fleeting – unlike a fragrance memory or visual memory. When you look at a two year old who is not getting exactly what the desire do you not see the same suffering you feel? Probably not – but it’s only because you’ve labeled your problems as bigger, more important.

But ask yourself would a mother of 3 in Somalia with not even a cup of rice say the same thing about your problems. Looking back at your problems of the past do you see that it is those same problems that got you to who you are today. And today’s problems WILL get you to where you need to be tomorrow. You do not know what lies ahead. So choose to trust.

Our “problems” are the cause of our additions and over indulgence in food, shopping, etc. If we stop making problems out of our current life situations we wouldn’t need to over indulge in substances or things to make us feel happier. It’s such a fleeting happiness. We don’t need those things to feel happy now. All we have to do to feel happy now is realize that we are like a car driving in the darkness and even with our bights on we can’t see what’s down the road. If we accept that and trust in the same way as we do when we are driving that we will reach our destination we can be happy Now!

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