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Today I wanted to write about my new way of thinking about goals. In the past I had tried so hard to accomplish to many BIG goals each and every day. It all started because I’m a bit of an over achiever. But If you have a busy life like me you’ll find it can be so overwhelming. I ended up feeling like a failure most days.

But recently I have been reading a lot about the idea of just accomplishing 6 goals a day.   These goals are based on the different areas of your life..

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Spiritual
  4. Financial
  5. Relationships – Romantic – Family – Friendship
  6. Career/ Work

But here is how you do it.

#1 Accept the fact that you just can’t be the very best at every area of your life every day. Balance is not exactly an illusion but it seems to be just that from a daily perspective. Every day is a little different. Not everything is equal on a daily basis.

#2 Think about what you want.  If you don’t have an outcome in mind your goals won’t be on point.  Start with one area of your life and quickly bring to mind your desired outcome.

#3 Ask yourself “What can I do TODAY to move me towards achieving my outcome”

#4 And Most Important. KEEP IT SIMPLE

For example: Say your physical outcome is to lose 10lbs.  I good, manageable, achievable and simple goal would be

  • Eat 1,200 Calories (depending on how tall and how much you weigh – some people may need more or less – but it works for Most)       OR
  • -Exercise for 10mins (start small – tomorrow it could be 15mins)  OR even better BOTH!

Which brings me to #5  Make achievable goals. See here is the thing Goals are important!  Writing down your goals are important.  Feeling like you are progressing in life is important.  And if you make un-achievable goals you will quickly stop this whole process. Because lets face it we RIGHTLY care about how we feel.  And making un-achevable goals and failing everyday will make us feel Bad. And stopping means no longer taking the couple seconds it takes each day to know your outcome.

So make small Achievable goals everyday. It will build a self confidence in you and you will be able to take on the world!



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