So Last year I wrote a blog about saying YES to life.  You can view the first blog at :saying-yes-to-life/

But then today while I was meditating I realized I was actually saying no in my head over and over.  And since this morning I have noticed I am doing it a lot!!!! Even while I’m doing random things like filling a glass with water.

How did this happen?  I got a new Puppy!  LOL.  Anyone with pets or young children should totally be able to relate.  I tell my cute little Svetlana “Niet” so many times that the word itself has literally taken over my mind. It is insane to me how something like this can happen.  I am thinking Niet (no) when I am doing simple habitual things that require no thought.  Things that if I were consciously choosing my thought I would say yes to.

But here comes the real problem…. It is not the thought that concerns me.  It is my body’s physical reaction to the thought.  I actually feel tightness in my jaw and my teeth when I am thinking “no”.  So here I am pouring a glass of water thinking “Niet, Niet, Niet” and my teeth or clenching in response to my simple unconscious thought. Now that’s a problem!

I am not sure how long I have been doing this without me even noticing. What I do know is prior to my pretty puppy I never clenched my teeth.  It is just not a natural thing for me.  Anger doesn’t or didn’t come naturally to me.  In situations were some people would go to anger I normally go to a more annoyed or grumpy state. But always with myself because I know I am the creative factor in my life.

I think like everything else emotions are primary taught in your childhood.  My Mom’s primary emotions were Optimism and Sadness with Blame attached. Lucky for me every time she would get Sad and think why did this happen to me?, Why did “they” do this to me? I was far enough detached to see clearly how she created the situation.

Immediately when I start to feel negative emotions I always start I kind of short analysis of my present situation.  And it pretty much starts with one question.. Why am I “annoyed, grumpy, etc with myself” Because I have noticed that all emotional states start from the inside first and can not be projected into my reality unless it is inside me first.  So if someone frustrates me I ask “what am I doing or not doing that is frustrating to me?”  I always bring it back to me.  I make the change in me and the outer always quickly follows.

Now my current problem of repeating the word “no” in my head at first seemed to simply be a sort of automatic response that happens when a person says a word so many more times then other words; it becomes a habitual thought.  Our brains love habits and sometimes that is a really good thing and other times it becomes detrimental.

So I am working on the quick fix, which I believe will prove to be quite effective, which is saying “YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!” over and over in my head.  I honestly think it not only will be very effective but also makes me look at my “problem” in a new light. I see now that my so called problem is really a blessing in disguise.  If it wasn’t for my problem I would not have stumbled upon one of the simplest, BEST happiness tricks!

It is truly amazing what 30 seconds of thinking yes over and over can do for your state.  I am not thinking it at something or someone.  I am just putting it out there.  It is sooooooooo simple yet so AMAZING!  I would have never of thought of it if it wasn’t for this my unconscious thinking “no” problem.  I really hope everyone try’s it. Of course I would recommend a lot more than 30 seconds.  What I personally will be shooting for is this to become my new habit; my new unconscious repetitive thought. 🙂 I think it can really change your state and when you change your state you change your LIFE.


Update ** It worked***



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