I am a very curious person. My whole life I have wondered about the why and how of everything. I have a billion questions in my head and some I have received the answers to. But in the case of the really big subjects it appears the more I witness the less I know.

One of those subjects is dreams and the dream world. I have always been attentive to my dreams because at an early age I noticed they tend to come true and always they seem to help me understand something or learn something. I especially love the dreams when I’m driving or in a car being driven or in a plane cause it appears to me they or dead on about if I’m in the drivers seat or if I’m allowing some one else to drive my life.

I tend to be very awake in my dreams – noticing quickly that it is a dream. Although I think the definition of the word dream may not come close to what I believe dreams are. To me the dream world seems very valid – as valid or more valid them waking life. The dream world to me seems more real.

It seems more real to me because it doesn’t contain what I would call falsities that “reality” contains. In the dream world there is no time, no space, no continuity. I believe the dream world came before the “real” world. I believe through a creative world like the dream world we created a world of time, space, and continuity.

To me it seems so evident why this world of time, space and continuity was created. I can see the strong creative desire that wondered what would happen if we added continuity to our creations and saw them through. But what I don’t get is what maintains that continuity. Why after what we’d call millions of years are we still focused here. Now I don’t believe this is the only world in which we are focused but still why are we still here.

And I question if our minds are just interpreting things as continuity but maybe we don’t have as much continuity that we think we do. Maybe we just believe in it so much we see it where it is not.

One thing I’ve noticed about the dream world that make continuity almost impossible is that what we call our senses don’t seem to connect. Meaning in the dream world if you take in any data from just one sense like the sense of touch with your eyes closed and then you open your eyes you’ll see the two don’t connect in a continuous manner. For example if you close your eyes (in a dream) and grab something and bring it right in front of your face – when you open your eyes there will be nothing in your hands. The senses our separate creative forces.

That’s why things change so rapidly in dreams. One second a person who you are in the midst of talking to can become someone else. Another thing I’ve noticed (and this maybe just my thing) Is I cannot turn on a light in a dream. Its awesome though because its how I know that I am dreaming. Not once in my close to 30 years of dreaming have I ever been able to turn on a light. Any kind of light. The light could already be on – but if its not I can’t turn it on.

I’m soooo curious to why this is. It may just be a clue I set up with myself. Because once you know you are dreaming you have more freedom to really make the best out of your dream. Limits are removed and you have access to any data you require.

But there is a catch. The same creative rules that apply to this world also apply there. Meaning if you want something, someone, or education you must also believe and expect to get it. So you have freedom but you still must be a deliberate creator.

So no matter what world you are presently in you are still limited by the laws of creation. And it is the similarities between the worlds that will show you without a doubt those laws. The laws that exist in all worlds.


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