A couple days ago I was having a conversation with a person I thought had a pretty standard level of intelligence. But in the conversation I said “Shouldn’t a person go in the direction that makes them happy instead of suffering just to maintain the status quo?” And they replied “That’s just your personal opinion that a person should follow their happiness. Others believe that just because your unhappy doesn’t mean you can or should change anything”

I was shocked to hear that is just my opinion. It makes me feel sad that people out there really believe life, success, and happiness don’t go together. I do not think its just an opinion. I believe with every ounce of my being that success in life can only be measured by the happiness one has felt.

In the end we do not look back and wished we spent more time being miserable and staying in relationships, jobs, etc that bring us nothing but suffering. I know without a doubt that if you continue down a path of misery your destination will not be different then the path.

And the same is true for those of us who choose the path of happiness. The bottom line is in reality the destination is an illusion – all you have is now – this path – the choice doesn’t belong to another – the choice is yours. So to all of you I wish you the best – I wish you happiness and a friendly path!



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