past-present-future “Out of sight, out of mind.” The proverb has been around since at least the 1500s and is based on the idea that something is easily forgotten or dismissed as unimportant if it is not in our direct view.

I believe no-matter how happy or successful we are in our lives it never hurts to remind ourselves of universal truths, and to continue learning and growing into nicer, more loving, happier and more successful human beings.

Letting go of the past may just be the hardest thing to do. But at the same time it is detrimental to our present and future to at least attempt to not be only reacting based on a past that no longer exist. Sometimes in life in order to move forward we most let go of the past.

To start I would recommend doing so in a very physical manner. So to start on your journey go through your house, your car, and your desk at work and physically release the items that tie you to an undesired past, or that you just have no legitimate use for in the near future. Make piles to donate, recycle, and just plain throw away some items. You will find when unneeded reminders to a past that has nothing to do with your present or future is completely removed from your environment you will feel like weight has been lifted of your shoulders. And you will be more ready to move into your present moment and onto the great future that awaits you.

I’m sure you have heard the proverb “Out of sight, out of mind.” Why not make that simple proverb our reality. But it is more than just packing things away into a neat organized room out of sight. Although for some you may want to start there – if you are not ready to actually get rid of the physical items that tie to a past that is no longer benefiting you in your now or could benefit someone else more. But what I truly recommend is actually getting rid of the past that is weighing you down.

You maybe asking “why is not just getting it out of your sight good enough?” The answer lies in the research showing that our sight extends farther then we think it does. Research shows that our unconscious mind process much more visual and other types of information that our conscious mind does not have access to. But that doesn’t mean that we are not being affected by the unconscious processed information.

A good example is a study done back in 2005 at Rice University in Houston. In the study the researcher induced temporary reversible blindness in their volunteers by applying magnetic pulses to the volunteers’ visual cortex. The volunteers were then asked to look at a computer screen and identify whether a horizontal or a vertical line or a red or a green dot flashed on the screen. Researchers then asked the study participants whether they had seen a horizontal or a vertical line; because their primary visual pathway had been shut down, the participants reported that they saw nothing.

However, when forced to guess which line had appeared on their computer screen, the participants gave the correct answer 75 percent of the time. When the participants had to guess whether a red or a green dot had flashed on the screen, they gave the correct answer with 81 percent accuracy. This high degree of accuracy for both the directional orientation and color tasks was significantly above chance and made it clear that detailed visual information was still being processed unconsciously.

Another example is the phenomenon of “blindsight” that has been reported in patients with brain damage who report not seeing something but correctly identify the shape and location when forced to guess.

The bottom line is our unconscious mind processes all the available information within our immediate environment. So if you want to move forward in your life you need to get rid of the items in your environment that are tying you to a no longer desired past.

This is especially good advice for those: who have not yet been able to find a job or occupation that truly suits them. or who have not found a relationship that suits them perfectly. Sometimes in our past we have tried things out like: jobs, relationships, etc and because they were not right for us we have quite, or “failed” at them. Having those reminders of circumstances when we did not achieve the desired results may not help us in our now. It may cause us to focus so much on not achieving the desired result we can’t with the law of attraction in mind now achieve it under different circumstances.

So why not clear your slate this week and start fresh this week?



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