As I wrote the title to my post it occurred to me that I may offend people since the one book I recommend over all other books ever written is not the Bible.  I love the Bible and I recommend reading the Bible and not just the Christian Bible but all Bibles of the world.  I myself have read many “Bibles” of many religions. And some I agree with every single word. Others a pick and choose that which agrees with my highest self.

But I am not writing today about the Bible and the book I recommend I would recommend to any and everyone.  Even my nieces – especially them. This book is the epitome of everything I have ever tried to teach them. And anyone who I have ever had a casual conversation with about the nature of reality, God, religion, and just plain “Why?s” of life.

This book is better than any words that could ever come out my mouth. Sometimes it is so frustrating to want so badly to help others achieve their dreams and God’s dreams for them without knowing how to make them see the truth. This book is so beautifully written it is impossible to read and remain blind to the truths of life.

But like the great Bibles it is a book you will need to read over and over.  Each time learning numerous truths and each time being reminded of all that has been forgotten. Most books are like that needing to be read multiple times to truly get all that they have to offer.

The difference is this book will inspire you to want to read it over and over and over some more. This book will enlight a flame inside of you! If you truly only read ONE BOOK your entire LIFE this is THE BOOK you should read.

This book has more power than you could ever imagine. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! There is no doubt inside of me about that. Wherever you are, whoever you are  This book will answer your prayers. Prayers maybe you weren’t even aware of.

The book is ….. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


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