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Water – The Great Mystery

Tonight, I’m busy catching up on all my paperwork from work.  And like many American I love to watch TV.  I wish I didn’t sometimes love the relaxing feeling I get from watching TV.  I suppose it is because TV is so hypnotizing you forget to think about your worries are stresses while you’re watching it.

But I do notice how what I watch affects me and my attitudes or behaviors so I attempt to watch things I know will have a positive affect on me.  So, I did a google search on what to watch that would affect me positively and the idea of a documentary called “Water – The Great Mystery” came up.  (I added the video above too – So you can watch on happyecho)

What a great show to watch.  It’s an hour and 25 mins and has had a definite affect on my behavior.  I have spent the last 2 hours blessing my food, drinks and even the air I breath. O and my intestines since it has to process my food.  And once I started blessing my intestines I noticed I started breathing really deep.  I think I was previously starving my intestines of oxygen.

I have known for a long time that blessing our water prior to drinking it changes the structure of the water and have assumed because of that fact that my thoughts/blessings or even negative emotions are also changing everything else around me as well. But unfortunately, I get wrapped up in my daily fast paced life and I eat, drink, and interact with many things without first saying thank you.


Full Movie Above

(if video gets erased google water the great mystery movie)


That is unless I have just listened to a cd on ho’oponopono.  Which I also recommend more than anything.  I listen to Ho’oponopono about once every two months and for the next couple weeks (in my head) I am saying “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you” to every single person, plant, animal, etc that I see.  You have to try it for yourself to see the great benefits of ho’oponopono.  google search it and Joe Vitale.  It’s amazing.  But maybe not for everyone.  If you are too deep into thinking your life’s situations are the fault of someone else then you may not like a practice in which you take responsibility for every single thing.

But Check out this video above You probably already knew like I did much about water and it’s structural changes but spending an hour and a half with that is sure to put you in an empowered mood about everything in your life. I mean if you have the ability to change the structure of water what else can you do?


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