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So Excited I found a movie similar to the Secret But more my style. See I am all about happiness and I believe true success in life is determined by the amount/percentage of your life you can achieve and maintain your happiness.  I don’t believe you should be happy all the time but I do believe the main purpose of our lives is to find our way back to our happiness no matter what falls before us.

I know some will say it is impossible to be happy again under certain circumstances – like losing a child or a loved one.  But I know that those who love you in this world or the next desire deeply for you to regain your spirit and your joy for life. Because they Love you – they want the best for you.

I have always believed happiness comes from doing your best and giving your best.  I know for a fact I am happiest when I give life 100% of me.  To me that means always doing what I can -100%.  In every area of life: Work, Friends and Family, Strangers, even while doing house hold choirs.

It’s weird our society seems not to know anymore what 100% .  People often say 100% but what they are really describing is more like 50-70% tops.  That’s why people like me in speech often use phrases like 110% or 200%.  Maybe 50% Happiness is the feeling we feel when we are close to God.  God demands we do our best in order to be close to him. Not just for others but also for ourselves.  Most importantly for ourselves!

I can see I am about to go off on a rant – I can feel the energy boiling inside of me! I’m going to stop here on this subject.  I am way to passionate about every individual’s deserving happiness- no matter their past or even their present.  Let me just say if you in this moment are not feeling God/Good you DESERVE to.  No matter anything you deserve to be reconnected with your  source and life is meant to be joyful.  And I really hope that you find a way to experience the joy and beauty of this world again.

I’m not sure that this particular video will help.  But you never know. What I do know for sure is that this movie that I’m writing about tonight is perfect for people like me.  People who desire to live their best life!  I love it.  It is about the law of attraction.  It actually answers a question Kathy asked me the other day.  She asked if she could just say her afformations without taking time in between each one to think about? And I answered back that it is all about emotion.  That it’s not about thought but feelings!  Any how this movie goes into that.

Even though I’m not sure if it will dramatically help everyone – everyone (especially if you are not were you want to be feeling wise) should take an hour to watch this video.  Included a link below.

My favorite line in the movie is ” The best way for you to predict your future is to invent it!” IF YOU TUBE  VIDEO  IS DOWN NO WORRIES – JUST DO A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR THE “THE OPUS MOVIE”  I AM SURE YOU CAN FIND A GOOD VIDEO

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