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My New Favorite FREE Andriod app iPro Habit Track

So as always I am trying to add new positive habits to my day but I really wanted to be able to track my progress.  In the past I have downloaded free habit apps but I always deleted them and never used them past day one.  They just weren’t what I was looking for.

But I finally found one that I LOVE.  iPro Habit track – you can check them out at:

I am in no way being paid for recommending them. It is AMAZING.  The free version is perfect for most people.  I actually ended up paying $1.99 for the app though. Because the paid version allows you to add times per week and mins per week (and day/month). Which is exactly what I need to track things like exercise and some vitamins that I don’t plan on taking every single day.

But the free version is perfect for the every single day habits.  But if you want to add everything the $1.99 is well worth the price.  Honestly it may be the best 2 bucks I ever spent. Even the free version includes 95% of everything you’ll need.  It shows you your progress through out the month and gives you a % rating for each habit.  Amazing graphics even on the free version.

The only reason I can see to buy the paid version is if you want to add habits that you’ll do a few times a week or month or if you want alarm reminders. My favorite part is that you get to add your own pics as the habit icon.  Which is awesome and so much more motivating to see a pic of what you are working towards.  That is also part of the free version.  I defiantly recommend it to everyone! Check it out in google play or at  I hope it helps and motivates you as much as it has me.  🙂


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