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Meadow DeVor

“The Law of Attraction works just like Google.  If you Google the word Debt or trying to get out of debt you’ll find a million and one resources with the word Debt.  If you Google Unlimited Wealth you will find resources with the words Unlimited Wealth in them.  The Law of Attraction works just like that and that’s the way our lives work.  You need to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.”  

Meadow devor is a Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients and the world (via you tube) increase their financial well-being.  But even though she specializes on finances her advice can improve every area of one’s life. Meadow is spectacular at helping people because she has lived a life very similar to the average middle class American.


• Extreme financial anxiety

• Enormous debt

• Crushing insecurity

• Lack of confidence

• feeling separate and alone

• Weight problems

• watching too much TV

• Unsuccessful marriage

• laying awake at night worrying about money

• Smiling and trying to convince herself she was happy

I bet a lot of those things sound very familiar to you – maybe even all of them.  Meadow changed her life! And you can too!!!

You can start now by watching just one of Meadows you tube videos or checking out her blog at: www.meadowdevor.com.  You will not regret it and it’s FREE.  She is very inspiring and if you have ever considered hiring a life coach – I believe she would be a good choice.

Official Site: 


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