Fave Teachers

Les Brown

“You don’t get what you want in life. You get who you are!”


Les Brown is an AMAZING motivational speaker.  He came from humble beginnings was held back in school twice and labeled educable mentally retarded in the last years of elementary.  But everything changed for him in high school.  He finally met a teacher who told him in response to Les saying he was educable mentally retarded “Someone’s OPINION of you does not have to become your REALITY”  And that teacher, that statement, in that moment was life changing.  The fact is we all have moments like that.  We all have voices whispering to us the possibility that we are far GREATER then we think we are.  And now today at 72 years old (when I write this) Les Brown is a very very large voice shaking us with extreme enthusiasm to open our eyes, hearts and minds to the possibility we are WINNERS.

Les has made a 90 day challenge to everyone.  And I am sure taking it!!!! Les’s 90 day challenge is watch this 35 min video every single day for 90 days!

I find myself that since it’s youtube and they just play video after video.  I end up watching lots of Les Brown videos.  He is AMAZING!! Binge watching Les is GOOD for you.  And I notice I work harder while he is playing in the background.  You can’t just zone out with his voice screaming at you : “you have the POWER”


Les Brown is AMAZING! I recommend all of his work.   I really really recommend audio books! While you drive, while you clean your house you can learn from the BEST!

My FAVORITE BOOKS  Click on book cover to go to store where you can get in every format including:

Kindle (Often As low as $1.99), Hardcover, Paperback, Audible (often FREE), And Audio CD (MY FAVE)



I LOVE YouTube.  I will often start a long YouTube video on my cell, connect to my blue tooth or car speakers and literally listen to the videos while I drive.  Clearly I don’t actually watch them.  But that is the great thing about Inspirational Motivational videos.  You don’t need to watch. Just listen.


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