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Human Happiness Its Nature and Its Attainment – chapter 2


“What do happy people have that I don’t?” Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Actually, according to our studies, you probably have never considered the question at all. The data indicates that most of us hardly consider our happiness. Indeed, for the most part, we take our happiness pretty much for granted. We grow very much accustomed to the happiness-level we normally experience and rarely examine it. Whether we’re happy, average, or unhappy, we have a tendency to accept it as our natural status and let it go as that.

Generally it is only in our more unhappy moments that we think about our happiness consciously…

“Why can’t I be happy?”, “Why am I so miserable?” or, “What would make me happy?” are the questions which typically flit through the mind in these bleaker periods.

But usually, improbable answers like “If I could find true love” or “If I were a millionaire” seem to suffice, and a few days later we revert to our more “normal” level of happiness, go on about our “normal” life, and question the matter no further.

Perhaps, however, the mistake we make is not asking the right question! Allow me to suggest a better one:

“What do happy people have that I don’t?”

Here we have the inkling of a strategy. If one could find-out what makes other people happy, one might gain some possible insights into their own happiness!

It’s obvious that the place to begin learning about happiness is to study the happiest people! Are there are things about them which might explain why they are happier than others? And if so, are there things all of us might learn from?

These are excellent questions, indeed. Yet up until the last several decades such questions have remained unanswered by science. Yet in recent years, these questions have been tackled by research psychologists. Now, the questions previous generations pondered in rhyme or riddle for centuries can be tentatively answered with scientific fact.

So, what do happy people have that you don’t?

Find out, as we take an informal test of your own happiness assets…

In the pages that follow, we’ve arranged a brief series of quiz questions about your life. When scored (according to the directions provided at the end of the quiz), they should give you a pretty good idea of your current happiness status. The questions are designed to tap all the major factors that contribute to happiness, and because they do, this quiz also serves to introduce you to the many areas of happiness research we’ll cover, in detail, later in these Volumes.

Bear in mind, this is just a quiz — not an official psychological test. You shouldn’t take great stock in the results, unless they sound correct to you. We have, however, compared the scores on this quiz to several of the most widely-used scientific instruments in the field (230, 235) and found it to be a fairly accurate assessment.

Now, on to the quiz! And, to your opportunity to find out how happy you are compared to the happiest people the research has studied.

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