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Human Happiness Its Nature and Its Attainment -chapter 1


There is a wealth of scientific knowledge about human happiness, yet few have heard about it…

This scientific knowledge is based on decades of patient research which has been building since the early 1960’s. In the beginning, only a handful of researchers devoted themselves to this calling. Yet as the years have gone by, more and more researchers have joined this scientific effort to search for a greater understanding of this, the “ultimate human goal” of human happiness.

The growth of knowledge in the field has been quiet, and generally unheralded. But it has been building steadily over the years, and today the scientific knowledge regarding human happiness is so well-developed, it has recently come to be considered as a separate field of significant research in Psychology. In fact, this isolated field of research has grown to the point, that, currently, there is enough in the collected research data to proclaim that a true “Psychology of Happiness” has come into being.

It is this emergent, “Psychology of Happiness” that is the focus of these two volumes of “Human Happiness.”

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