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Fundamental Three: Be Productive at Meaningful Work

Answers the question – What are the top 14 traits of happy people?


Periods of productivity are often ranked as among the happiest periods of life — not just over long periods of time, but even within an average day.  Non-productivity is among the least cited, yet most common sources of depression.

Happy people tend to:

  • Very productive, efficient, and energetic
  • Accomplish More
  • Be successful in achieving their goals
  • Describe most of their daily activities as significant, gratifying, and important
  • Volunteer
  • Be very certain of their attitudes and values.
  • Have thought a lot about what is important to them.
  • The basis of Fundamental Three is an ancient one. It rings across the centuries of philosophical writing:

“The Life of Meaning is Critical to Happiness”

So far, however, this important happiness message may have eluded you. After all, up until now, the picture we’ve been painting of happiness could appear to be the exclusive domain of “good times” and “fun people.” Just look at what we’ve seen…

Typically, it appears as if the happy people are spending much more of their time in fun, enjoyable activities than most of us do. They tend to be doing more exciting things; they’re game for anything new and exotic; and they’re having a great time in a wild, social whirl of parties, fun with their friends, good times with their families, and romantic episodes with their love-partners.

So who are the happy people? Are they just the so called “party animals” — out for a life of good times? Are they the classic hedonists: simply living for self-indulgence, pleasure, thrills, and gluttony? Or, on a more innocent level, maybe the happiest people just naively gravitate to an easier life of fun and sociality…

If true, the picture of happiness might appear to be somewhat superficial. After all, if happiness is only a matter of “fun,” then happiness itself becomes a trite goal in life.

Well, if you get that kind of trite image of happiness, you’re partially right! Happy people are out there having “the time of their lives” — in theory. At least, according to the research, the happiest people do indeed get a much greater “kick” out of life than most of us do.

But is this all there is to happiness? The answer is, “No!” Without meaning and productivity in one’s life, fun and socializing only leads to a superficial happiness…

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