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Fundamental Six: Lower Your Expectations & Aspirations


One of the most important lessons happy people have to teach us, lies in the obvious fact that they’re already happy.

In a very real sense, happy people have already arrived! They are not waiting to be happy. They are not putting their happiness “on hold.” They are not trying to achieve things that they hope will change it around (like the rest of us do). In essence, they are already there!

The best way to explain this is to imagine how you might feel if you were already as happy as you could be. If you were, how important would your future plans and goals be? Certainly, you’d want to progress. And, certainly, you’d still have goals to achieve. But how critical would they be for you?

Well, if you were already truly happy, they wouldn’t be very critical at all.

That is what we find with the happiest people. When a person is truly happy, ambition and achievement seem to loose their critical importance. After all, when you’re already happy, where else is there to go?

Now it’s not that happy people have no goals and ambitions in life. Quite the contrary. As we’ve seen before, in both Volumes I and II, happy people are quite planful and are well-directed individuals. They have their goals, their hoped-for achievements, and things they want to accomplish. But the key is: they are not staking their happiness on these goals!

If their ambitions come true, happy people view it as just “more gravy on an already full turkey.” If they don’t come true, it doesn’t matter that much because they’re already happy. In a way, happy people can’t loose. They’ll be happy no matter what!

Apparently, happy people live their lives happily, not waiting until their dreams come true; while unhappy people live their lives unhappily, waiting until their dreams finally do come true and make them happy.

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