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Fundamental One: Be More Active and Keep Busy

Answers the question – What are the top 14 traits of happy people?


Happy people tend to:

  • Be significantly more active!!!!
  • Spend more time doing things they enjoy
  • Invest more of their energy in any given task – give it 100%
  • Attack problems are challenges head on
  • More open to new experience
  • Be social
  • Involve themselves in meaningful activities
  • Find a balance between obligations and fun

The first of the Fourteen Fundamentals is “Be More Active and Keep Busy,” and it is based on one of the most commonly found characteristics of happy people – their highly active lifestyle. Fundamental One is also referred to as the “Kickoff Fundamental,” not just because it is the first Fundamental on the list, but also because it represents a basic cornerstone upon which many of the subsequent Fundamentals are based.


It is also important to note at the outset that this Fundamental is not in first position due to any special priority. The 14 Fundamentals are not ranked according to any particular importance or potency. To the contrary, we consider each Fundamental to be relatively equal. And although, in the many years of work that’s been conducted with the Fundamentals, some appear more helpful than others, each has its own special contribution to make. According to our research, the value of any particular Fundamental is largely based upon the individual in question, and upon their own personal happiness-strengths and weaknesses. Certainly, during your reading, you will find a number of the Fundamentals quite insightful and helpful to you. Yet, if you talk to a friend who also read this book, their list of favorites might be completely different than yours. And so it may go, friend after friend …No, if there is any significance to the ordering of the 14 Fundamentals it is mostly historic. The Fundamentals have grown and evolved since our earliest pilot studies (999). Each succeeding study helped us refine some of these happiness principles, while providing us clues that enabled us to expanding others. The net result, of course, are the fourteen happiness principles we have today — pretty much, in the order we worked with them. Historically then, Fundamental 1 was the first happiness principle we began to examine…THE ACTIVE LIFE

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