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Fundamental Eight: Get Present-Oriented


The final pattern is the healthy, happy pattern: “present-oriented.”

The present oriented personality is focused primarily on the here and now. Most of what occupies their attention and thought is what is going on around them at the moment. They tend to be absorbed in the tasks at hand, and their interest is geared to the world around them.

Today’s concerns and activities appear to be paramount in the present-oriented personality’s mind. Or, if not today, their focus seems limited to a relatively present time-frame (the immediate few days or weeks). Surely, they take time to plan for the long-term future or occasionally reminisce about the past. But such thoughts, generally, take little of their day.

The reason present-oriented personalities are so focused on the present doesn’t take much guessing. They are busy, active people! They are involved with the immediate tasks of living a full life. Obviously, their attention is geared to the moment — they’re immersed in their work; they’re dealing with others; they’re doing their projects — indeed, they’re simply living and doing.

If this rings some bells, it should. Present-oriented people display many of the Fourteen Fundamental characteristics we’ve studied before. They’re being active and they keep busy. They tend to be involved in exciting and enjoyable activities. They’re being productive at meaningful work. And they are often engaged in social interaction. All these things require a focus on the moment — and all tend to contribute to personal happiness.

Present-oriented personalities also appear to have strong “reality contact.” They tend to be excellent observers, keen listeners, good conversationalists, and, in general, tend to have a sharp focus on the immediate situation. This is, in part, because the locus of their mental attention is much more outward, toward the world of people and activity, than inward, toward a world of fantasy and thought. The present-oriented mind is a mind that is seeking and exploring, not retreating and escaping.

At the pinnacle, the present-oriented person is not merely attuned to moment, but actually has that child-like capacity to relish in it. For them, many moments of the day are not just to attend to, but to appreciate and savor — moments to experience with deep enjoyment.

Abraham Maslow, in his famous investigations of the most healthy, self-actualized individuals he studied, found that a common thread among them was their ability to fresh appreciation of the most ordinary things in life. A flower, pleasant weather, children at play — the simple pleasures of life — could grab interest and evoke profound feelings ( ). I too, in my earliest studies, found that great happiness is often triggered by the most commonplace of situations (200). Such momentary joys appear to be the treasure of those whose attention is more keenly attuned to the world around them. They are usually lost to the person whose mind is preoccupied somewhere else.

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