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Fundamental Eight: Get Present-Oriented


There’s an old American “country song” with the refrain “Don’t fall in love with a dreamer…”

“Future positives” are precisely that: dreamers. Here is the syndrome of the person who continuously daydreams of a grandiose future of glory and success.

We all have our dreams for the future — we all have our goals and ambitions. And to the degree they are modest and realistic (as we discussed in an earlier Chapter), the serve to structure our efforts and guide us to a better life. But sometimes the dreams take hold so hard we begin to live in the fantasy. That’s what happens to the “future positive personality”…

“Wait till my ship comes in” — that is the motto of the “future positive” person. This is the person who’s living in a fantasy world of future glories and successes.

“One day, I’ll be a millionaire.”

“Soon, I’m going to get that “big break”.”

“I know I’m going to hit the lotto.”

“This year, I’m going to break all company sales records…”

Not that such dreams are impossible, but for the dreamer they are especially unlikely. “Future positives” tend to be dreamers only, not visionaries. Typically, they dream their time away — rarely putting any effort into the actual work which might make their dreams come true. Indeed, the old saying has wisdom: “future positives” simply sit and wait for their “ship to come in;” they do little, in the present, to help eventuate it. And, in the meantime, they fritter the present away…

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