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So I have this strange habit every night before I go to bed.   After I am done working and my inbox is empty and my dishes are all done and it seems I have nothing left to do but go to sleep.  I turn on my heart radio to rap and I slightly dance while changing the words to all the songs to match my own life.

It is more of a subtle dance like how Biggie Smalls would dance. Anyhow the other night I was doing my dance making up my own lyrics and I must say I am not the most creative person in this because my lyrics were simply: “I’m rich, I’m rich – I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich” But mixed with my subtle dance moves it really has a huge impact on my mood and emotions.

I do this dance even when I make only a few hundred dollars and even if I am to win like $20.  It helps me to FOCUS on all the money coming in and I BELIEVE keep it coming in. I still remember a decade ago when I made my first $500 bonus.  I did it then.  It was huge for me to make a $500 bonus and now a decade later I make $100-$2,000 bonus from the exact same job almost on a daily basis.

Back then I don’t think I could have imagined that I could make even more and on a daily basis. But that’s one of the great things about what I now call my dancing affirmations I didn’t have to imagine it.  All I had to do was feel rich and when you make your first $500 bonus it’s pretty easy to feel that way.

So now that I have a name for what I do I have expanded my dancing affirmations to many more things not just money.  Anything that I want.  And I really believe that my subtle dance moves is what makes all the difference.  There is a CONFIDENCE in subtle dance that is far more than if I was dancing around like a crazy person.

But the most important things are FOCUS, BELIEVE (find a reason why the words are true – even small) and of course CONFIDENCE! Try it for yourself.  Best times are first thing in the morning or right before bed – even better BOTH.  And I prefer rap music just because I like the beat – it goes well w/ my moves.   LOL But you will know what’s right for you.


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