Johnjay and Rich (& Joey) Graduation Song

I was listening to John Jay and Rich earlier and I heard this “graduation song”  I only caught the second half the 1st time around so I had know idea it was a…

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Dreams and the dream world

I am a very curious person. My whole life I have wondered about the why and how of everything. I have a billion questions in my head and some I have received the…

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“Look within”

*I am unaware of the origins of this story.  I had it on my computer for years. If you know – please email me at contact@happyecho.com  – I would like to give credit where credit is…

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Fun Gift Idea

You can create a gratitude journal for others.  Like your spouse, children, parents, or special friends.Start by buying a new journal with a specific person in mind.  Try to find a journal that…

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