Abraham – moving up the emotional scale

“Negative emotion always means the same thing, every single time… My thought or behavior is moving in opposition with who I really am and what I really want.” I love Abraham- Hicks. I drive…

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Creative Visualization

“Creative visualization involves the fashioning of an image in the conscious mind and the charging (and constant recharging) of that image by the enormous psychic energy of the unconscious.” Creative Visualization is very…

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*please note this is different then affirmations. D’Ana’s Huge List of Positive Afformations – 240 Afformations(downloadable/printer friendly) covering all aspects of life plus how to start now & tips. Download your FREE copy – Click here.  or…

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We are always consciously or unconsciously affirming our own ideas about ourselves with our thoughts and words; whether we realize it or not. D'ANA’S HUGE LIST OF AFFIRMATIONS - 89 sample Affirmations (downloadable)…

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