Fave Teachers

Anisa Avens

Anisa Avens of creatavision.com is one of the leading teachers on the subjects of the Law of Attraction and EFT (emotional freedom technique).  Two happiness tools that she often combines together to create the results her clients desire.  She has published many articles and audio downloads on all the top self-help topics. Anisa Avens also helps people on an individual basis creating a Living Vision to manifest the  life of their dreams quickly.

I personally love reading her emails and below you’ll find Anisa’s Creative Manifesting Blueprint.  It is a very powerful Image to help you along your path of deliberate creation.  I honestly believe I have NEVER seen a better image to help you create the life you DESERVE!

To see more check out her website at: creatavision.com Anisa Aven’s created this a few months ago – I think it’s perfect



read more @ Creative Manafesting Blueprint by Anisa Avens



Official Site: 



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